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For the duration of the exhibition the product range takes its inspiration from the Indonesian island of Bali. The range features frangipane flowers in various accessories and candles, jewellery and books from Bali and sustainable gifts. 

The Bamboo Brush Society – product focus

“Did you know that we use five billion plastic toothbrushes a year? And did you know that two billion of those toothbrushes end up in the ocean and in landfill? No, we didn’t either …

A stroll at sundown on a remote island in the Indonesian archipelago inspired our dream. It soon turned into a plastic clean-up initiative. We love the oceans, mountains and all the world’s beautiful places. And that’s why we were so shocked by the amount of plastic waste we found in such a short time. 

We are a proud partner of the “For the Planet” alliance. This means we are committed to donating 1% of all our turnover to non-profit organisations working to protect the environment.” 

Dopper – product focus

"Eight million tonnes of plastic waste end up in our oceans each year. This plastic isn’t bio-degradable and breaks down into tiny pieces that swirl around our waters. A good alternative to single-use plastic bottles is a refillable water bottle. 

Most Doppers are made of plastic, but this is plastic that you can use over and over. It’s a water bottle that’s completely recyclable. Each Dopper that’s sold prompts people to use a recyclable water bottle rather than a single-use plastic bottle. That’s thanks to educational programmes and awareness raising. 

Dopper water bottles are available in different materials, colours and models. So, whatever your style and however you like to drink your water, there’s always a Dopper for you!"


Bali Bliss - product focus

"After hopping from island to island, I decided to stay a little while longer on the island that had my heart from the moment I stepped foot on its soil; Bali.

With its myriad of beautiful Hindu temples, it’s gorgeous beaches and it’s amazing people, I was desperate to hold on to everything Bali had to offer and the way it made me feel.

Bali has stayed with me, not just in my heart, but also in my home. Back home in Amsterdam, I wanted to share this feeling with everyone. Everyone who has fallen in love with this beautiful island, everyone who dreams of going and everyone who longs to keep their memories of Bali alive. This is why I’ve created Bali Bliss, so that you can bring a piece of Bali back home."