Festivities Worldwide - Tropenmuseum
Permanent activity

Primary education | Festivities Worldwide

Interactive programme

Discover the differences and similarities between festivities all over the world.

What’s on offer?

Not everyone observes the same celebrations, but we all like to party! Discover the differences and similarities between the various festivities celebrated all over the world in this programme. What do you do when you celebrate something? You’ll listen to a story, learn a celebratory dance and make a special party decoration.Depending on the time of year, the programme will focus on a certain corresponding celebration.

  • September until November: Día de Muertos
  • December until January: Christmas Worldwide
  • February until March: Brazilian carnival
  • April until June: Eid al-Fitr 

Practical information

  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Time slot: 11.15 -12.45| 13.15 -14.45 | 15.15- 16.30
  • Price: € 115,- per 15 pupils (including museum entrance fee)