A series about provenance research in our museum

Provenance series

A series about provenance research in our museum. Below you find the first edition.

Provenance #1

The richly-illustrated first volume concerns existing collections such as missionary collections from the Afrika Museum, Chinese Buddha heads, a feather headdress from Papua New Guinea and a model ox cart from South Africa. But new acquisitions are also discussed, such as Kawahara Keiga's folding screen and Susan Stockwell's Territory Dress.

The forward was written by Chief Curator, Henrietta Lidchi, with Sarah Johnson, Curator Middle East and North Africa, and Wonu Veys, Curator Oceania, serving as the editors. Authors in this issue include: Rosalie Hans, Provenance Researcher, Karwin Cheung, Assistant Curator East and Central Asia National Museums Scotland, Erna Lilje, Junior Curator Western New Guinea, François Janse van Rensburg, Junior Curator South Africa, Davey Verhoeven, Research Associate RCMC/Japan, and Daan van Dartel, Curator Fashion and Popular Culture.

It is available in digital form for free here, download it below.