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Sabi Suriname

A whole new world will open for you

Extraordinary discovery

An extraordinary discovery has been made underneath the Tropenmuseum. A completely unknown world has been discovered on the -7th  floor in the Surinam depository. Come to Sabi Suriname and see for yourself.

In Sabi Suriname there are all sorts of things to do and you’ll get to know a lot about Surinam, the bond with the Netherlands and how Surinam relates to the world. Sail by boat through the Busi Kondre and play What is true?, a game about what you encounter on the way. Discover Surinamese cooking and go shopping for the ingredients for a delicious Surinamese recipe. Four Surinamers who play an important role in Surinam tell their story in Tori Oso, the story house. They ask you a question for you to discuss together. Play Surinamese music in the dance and music studio. And join in the party on the festivity street. Which festival of the many Surinamese festivities? You’ll find out if you crack the party code. Are you coming to Sabi Suriname too? 


NB: It is necessary to reserve a place on a tour in advance for a time slot. 


Suriname - exhibition Tropenmuseum Junior - Amsterdam

First children’s museum in the Netherlands

Tropenmuseum Junior was founded in 1975. It was the first children’s museum in the Netherlands and one of the first in Europe. Tropenmuseum Junior is renowned for its appealing museum concept (seeing, touching, experiencing and participating) and has the general objective of promoting an open view of the world. When they visit the museum, children experience how inspiring and enriching it is to be open to others. In Tropenmuseum Junior you step into another world. The objects come alive and children take an active part in the exhibition. Everybody’s curiosity is whetted. You learn by doing.

“The Tropenmuseum Junior is a real experience!
All the senses are aroused!”
Visitor Tim

Special Tropenmuseum Junior educational method

Over the years Tropenmuseum Junior has developed its own educational method for interactive junior exhibitions. Personal, authentic stories, a contemporary hands-on collection and multidisciplinary activities take children on a journey of discovery through present-day cultures.