We are looking forward to welcome you at the museum. Please take note of our visitor protocol.

  • Online booking in advance is not mandatory, however to ensure a smooth flow at the entrance, we do recommend that you reserve your tickets online in advance.
  • Tropenmuseum Junior - Sabi Suriname can also be reserved below. Please be aware that the Sabi Suriname tours are only in Dutch.
  • The Date tour is not possible on Mondays, as Café de Tropen is closed on this day. To use the Date tour, you order 2x a regular entrance ticket + 1x the Date tour package (the Date tour package is for 2 people).
  • It is currently not possible to enter the northeast wing of the second floor of the Tropenmuseum. We are working on the upcoming exhibition Divas which opens March 8. In the meantime, the other floors of the museum offer plenty to see. For a complete overview, navigate to the What’s on page.
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Please note:

  • Please be aware that Sabi Suriname tours are only in Dutch.
  • Only order tickets for the Sabi Suriname Juniortour for participating children aged 6-13 years. Visitors younger than 6 and older than 13 cannot participate in this program. For anyone who does not participate in the program, regular museum entrance tickets can be purchased at "Visit Tropenmuseum". Parents / supervisors are not allowed to leave the museum during the Juniortour. 
  • The Sabi Suriname Familytour is accessible for children from 6 years and older, and their parents / supervisors.
  • Regular museum entrance tickets do not provide access to Sabi Suriname. For Sabi Suriname a tour can be booked above.
  • The tickets for Sabi Suriname include museum entrance. Participants of the tours do not need to purchase separate entrance tickets.
  • For all tours of Sabi Suriname you need to be present 30 minutes in advance.