We are looking forward to welcome you at the museum. Please take note of our visitor protocol.

  • Online booking in advance is not mandatory, however to ensure a smooth flow at the entrance, we do recommend that you reserve your tickets online in advance.
  • Tropenmuseum Junior - Sabi Suriname can also be reserved below. Please be aware that the Sabi Suriname tours are only in Dutch.
  • To use the Date tour, you order 2x a regular entrance ticket + 1x the Date tour package (the Date tour package is for 2 people).
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Please note:

  • Please be aware that Sabi Suriname tours are only in Dutch.
  • Only order tickets for the Sabi Suriname Juniortour for participating children aged 6-13 years. Visitors younger than 6 and older than 13 cannot participate in this program. For anyone who does not participate in the program, regular museum entrance tickets can be purchased at "Visit Tropenmuseum". Parents / supervisors are not allowed to leave the museum during the Juniortour. 
  • The Sabi Suriname Familytour is accessible for children from 6 years and older, and their parents / supervisors.
  • Regular museum entrance tickets do not provide access to Sabi Suriname. For Sabi Suriname a tour can be booked above.
  • The tickets for Sabi Suriname include museum entrance. Participants of the tours do not need to purchase separate entrance tickets.
  • For all tours of Sabi Suriname you need to be present 30 minutes in advance.