28 August 2022

Summer vacation

Summer program at the museum: MAKE YOUR MARK!

16 July to 28 August

What do you stand for? What are you against? In Our Colonial Inheritance you can see that creative resistance helps. You can make an impact too! This summer in the Light Hall, every day from 12.00 to 16.00. No need to book, just pull up a chair and put your message on a badge, a label or a poster. Or join an artist workshop to get inspired.

Book a ticket for a workshop here

From 16 July to 28 August you can make your own badge or poster in the MAKE YOUR MARK! creative space*, in the Light Hall. In addition, there will be several workshops by artists on specific dates. 

The recommended age for most workshops starts from 8 years old. A maximum of 20 people can participate per workshop. Reservations can be made below as long as there is availabilty.

Below you will find more information per workshop.

*This space is designed by artist Kevin van Braak in collaboration with Framer Framed. 


Program Artist Workshops

Dates Artist Workshop
Sunday 17 July and Wednesday 20 July   Baby Reni (Irene Ha) Solidarity scarf
Sunday 24 July and Wednesday 27 July   Kevin van Braak Talking T-shirts
Sunday 31 July and Wednesday 3 Aug     AiRich (Fana Richters) Collage-design
Sunday 7 Aug and Wednesday 10 Aug     Roxane Mbanga Play it safe (or not)
Sunday 14 Aug and Wednesday 17 Aug   Pris Roos Posters for the street
Sunday 21 Aug and Wednesday 24 Aug   Max Kisman Simplicity is complicated


Book your ticket directly below for a workshop from the schedule above. Attending a workshop costs €2. The prices below include museum entrance. If you have a Museum card or other pass for free entrance, you only pay for the workshop.


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Workshop: Solidarity scarf

Make your mark with: Baby Reni (Irene Ha)
Workshop in Dutch but English speakers welcome 
Sunday 17 July and Wednesday 20 July
Time: 2 pm - 3.30 pm

In this workshop with Irene Ha you make your own solidarity scarf, including a secret message. You can make your voice heard with the scarf by wearing it during a protest. Or hang it up at home to spark discussion. What do you want to talk about with your housemates or guests? Make your own colourful textile scarf which completely speaks for itself!

Baby Reni has been designing scarves and sharing them with the world for years. They are instantly recognizable by the many bright colours. The artist hides messages about solidarity in the scarves, asking the question how we can care for each other better, protect each other better.


About Baby Reni 
Irene Ha works as a fashion designer under the name Baby Reni. She researches her identity as a Vietnamese Dutch person through collaborations on and offline. Imprisoned between two seemingly strange cultures, it felt safe to explore the world from the comfort of her bedroom. Over the years she has built up a worldwide community of people who recognize themselves in the design of her work and the quest she highlights in it.

Irene Ha
Baby Reni

Workshop: Talking T-shirts

Make your mark with: Kevin van Braak Workshop in Dutch but English speakers welcome  Sunday 24 July and Wednesday 27 July  Time: 2 pm - 3.30 pm

How do you make your opinion clear at a stroke? 

With a T-shirt of course! Like a mobile discussion document, you spread your message. In Indonesia it’s very usual for artists to make T-shirts with a personal message. Kevin van Braak often visits his family there and has a lot of contact with local artists. He learns from them how they express themselves artistically, with printed symbols, text, and needle and thread. During these workshops you create your own T-shirt, with Kevin, about a subject you want to make a statement about.

Workshop: Talking T-shirts
Kevin van Braak

About Kevin van Braak Kevin van Braak focuses on political and historical structures of power in his work. How can you recognize these in images and relations between people? Kevin makes performances, sculptures and installations, such as this MAKE A STATEMENT summer installation near the Our Colonial Inheritance exhibition here in the Great Hall of the Tropenmuseum.

Workshop: Collage design with creative resistance

Make your mark with: AiRich 
Workshop in Dutch but English speakers welcome
Sunday 31 July and Wednesday 3 August

Time: 2 pm - 3.30 pm

How do you tell a new story with different images?

Collages are an art form that create different layers of meaning by combining images. The result is a new story or comment on something that’s happened in the world. With AiRich you make your own splendid collage with newspaper cuttings, advertisements, textile and photos. Naturally with an extra layer about a subject you are enthusiastically engaged in. AiRich sketches a picture of the future with her work. One in which everyone can be part of in a healthy way. Her visual stories are very attractive and exciting. But make no mistake! With her work she wants to ensure that something really does change.

About AiRich 
AiRich from Amsterdam does portrait shoots. The power of black identity is a recurring theme in them. Elements from African history and the present pop culture come to the fore by combining past, present and future. Her work is a fusion of science fiction, surrealism, fantasy and psychedelic art. Follow her journey on instagram.


Workshop: Play it safe (or not)

Make your mark with: Roxane Mbanga
Workshop in English but Dutch speakers welcome
Sunday 7 August and Wednesday 10 August
Time: 2 pm – 4 pm
Max. 10 participants – 18+

Play it safe (or not) is the performance workshop of Roxane Mbanga you can join.

Play It Safe is an award winning short film by Mitch Kalisa. In this film you see an ingeniously tense interrogation of unconscious racism in seemingly liberal spaces. During the performance workshop participants will be helped to take their place; to know where they speak and experience the world from; to recognize the need to be an actor when confronted with injustices, however small they may seem. Roxane Mbanga helps you to question how to be an actor, between active listening, empathy and denunciation in public.

About Roxane Mbanga
Roxane Mbanga (b.1996, Paris) is a Guadeloupian-Cameroonian-French multidisciplinary artist, currently based in Amsterdam. Working at the junction of fashion, film, graphic design, photography, writing, and performance, Mbanga is a storyteller. Through her installations, she highlights the perception of the self. Naked, covered with facial jewelries, embodied by objects, in movement on the crowded streets of Lagos, dressed to reveal the strength or staying still in the silence of oppression, the body speaks. Between invisibilization and hypervisibilization, she questions the place of black women in public spaces and offers the audience tools for reflection on this matter.

Roxane Mbanga
Roxane Mbanga

Workshop: Posters for the street

Make your mark with: Pris Roos
Workshop in Dutch but English speakers welcome 
Sunday 14 August and Wednesday 17 August      
Time: 2 pm - 4 pm

What should be shown in public spaces? 

Many companies and organizations spread their message by exhibiting on the street. But is this what people on the street want to look at? Artist Pris Roos really wants to see more of the people and the street itself. In her workshop you think about how to change Tropenmuseum posters, so that they are more about the real people you come across on the street. What or whom would you like to see and what do you want to say about them? Pris tells how she herself goes about her work and gives you a free hand. With all kinds of materials you make new, street-worthy posters for the museum. The museum will learn a lot from this workshop too!

Pris Roos

About Pris Roos 
Pris Roos (she/her) is an artist, teacher, researcher and story teller. As a child she grew up in the toko (shop) of her family, emigrants from Indonesia. She sees that toko as a symbol of togetherness, colours, smells, food, stories and a mix of people from diverse backgrounds and a rich source of inspiration for her art. As an artist Pris works in all kinds of media, such as painting, spoken word, video, performance and installation. By listening to the people she meets and observing them, she thinks about identity, migration and remembrance.

Workshop: Simplicity is complicated

Make your mark with: Max Kisman
Workshop in Dutch but English speakers welcome 
Sunday 21 August and Wednesday 24 August
Time: 2 pm - 3.30 pm

How do you make a simple image of something really quite complicated? 

In this workshop you learn how to simplify information while designing pictograms and graphic symbols. Use your powers of imagination during drawing exercises that form the basis for your thinking. Every step helps you to express yourself as powerfully as possible in your poster.

Max Kisman

About Max Kisman
Max Kisman is a graphic designer, illustrator and autonomous artist. When you see his work, e.g. on huge world problems in the newspaper, it’s immediately recognizable. His designs have been known worldwide for a long time. Over the years Max Kisman has become more aware of the influence of his East Indies background on his work. As a teacher, he discovered his strength: conveying something complicated simply.

Max Kisman
Max Kisman

Sabi Suriname open daily

As well as the workshops in the MAKE YOUR MARK! workplace, you can visit Sabi Suriname in Tropenmuseum Junior on a Family or Junior Tour every day during the summer holiday.

Sabi Suriname opens a whole new world for you! Sail by boat through the Busi Kondre and play the What is where? game about what you come across on the way. Discover Surinamese cuisine and go shopping in the toko for a delicious Surinamese speciality. Family tours and Junior tours can be booked every day during the summer holiday.

From 6 years | Reserve a Sabi Suriname tour