Cool Japan tentoonstelling
On display from 28 September 2018

Cool Japan

Discover the world famous icons from Japanese pop culture, from Hello Kitty to samurai.

Japan is known for centuries-old traditions and at the same time it is hyper contemporary with striking visual expressions and a frenzied fan culture. Cool Japan brings it all together: from the recognisable Japanese horror to 'cute fashion' from the streets of Tokyo. Historical highlights from the collection show that today’s icons stem from a long tradition.

kakelbont, licht hysterisch droomland
NRC, ****

Part of Cool Japan is the Harajuku kawaii installation "Colorful Rebellion - Seventh Nightmare" by the artist Sebastian Masuda: an immersive experience of plastic toys, stuffed animals, ribbons and fake fur surrounding an empty bed. The installation was previously on display in New York and Miami.

Colourful Rebellion - Sebastian Masuda
Colourful Rebellion - Sebastian Masuda

The central eye-catcher of the exhibition is the four-meter-high painting Uki-Uki by Matsuura Hiroyuki in which traditional and contemporary elements represent the very core of the exhibition.

Cool Japan is a spectacularly designed exhibition for fans and newcomers, young and old.

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