De erfenis, Tropenmuseum Amsterdam
On display from 9 June 2022

Our Inheritance

At the beginning of 2022 Our inheritance will open in the Tropenmuseum. A new, extensive presentation on the colonial and slavery past, it will take up the entire first floor. van

Dutch colonial period and the ongoing effects

The presentation looks at the Dutch colonial period and its ongoing effects in relation to several themes. The focus is on the visitor’s direct experience of the world and becoming aware of the relationship between everyday life and the legacies of colonialism and slavery. The objects in Our inheritance are from existing collections and new works.

Multiple perspective

The Tropenmuseum is cooperating with various groups of people on Our inheritance to ensure a multiple perspective. What visitors think is also highly valued. Would you like to contribute to the new presentation? Then make your suggestion, criticism or point of view known in the Afterlives of slavery exhibition or via our social media channels @tropenmuseum with #slavery.

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Fterlives of slavery, exposition, photography by Kirsten van Santen
25 May 2021

Afterlives of Slavery

This exhibition focuses on the aftermath of slavery and the stories of the enslaved that influences Dutch society to date.