ZieZo Marokko
On now until 3 March 2019

ZieZo Marokko

Tropen Junior

A plane’s waiting for you in the Tropenmuseum Junior. Go on board, fasten your seat belt, let’s go to… Morocco!

On the way you’ll meet Esmaa, Fatima, Nasrdin and Yousef. They’ll share with you what they’ve discovered in Morocco, their parents’ country. They’ll give you tips about who to visit, what you can see, taste and do.

Follow their trail through the medina – a maze of narrow streets and alleys – and go on a bus trip right across Morocco. Try your hand at mosaics, calligraphy, fashion or culinary secrets. Everywhere there’s something to do.

Join them on their exciting trip to Morocco!

Already 100,000 visitors went before you!

You can visit ZieZo Marokko with the following programmes: 

  • Junior journey - aged 6 to 13
  • Family journey - all ages
  • Birthday parties - aged 6 to 13
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Turning 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12 years old? Celebrate your birthday in ZieZo Marokko.

Tentoonstelling. ZieZo Marokko,  Mijn opa de trekvogel

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