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On now until 6 June 2022

Healing power

The exhibition HEALING POWER presents healing traditions across the world. With objects from the Arctic to South America brought together with work by contemporary artists such as Damien Hirst and Marina Abramović.

If you don’t feel well, it may seem obvious to consult a doctor. Some people turn to treatments that can be traced back to centuries-old traditions.

HEALING POWER introduces a range of ritual specialists and healing practices that are important to many people around the world. The range is very wide: from winti and ayahuasca to shamans and witches.

Bescherming en genezing

Protection and Healing

Rhytm and connection

Rhythm and Connection

Ziekte en disbalans

Illness and Imbalance

Jeroen Toirkens

The Other World

Museum of the Moon
T/m 16 mei te bezichtigen in het Tropenmuseum

Museum of the moon