Wayne Modest in Tropenmuseum


Let us introduce ourselves

The Tropenmuseum, together with the Afrika Museum and Museum Volkenkunde are part of the Nationaal Museum van Wereldculturen (NMVW, national museum of world cultures) since 2014. The Wereldmuseum in Rotterdam became a partner of the NMVW in May 2017 and shares both the collection and mission of the NMVW.

Stijn Schoonderwoerd

Managing Director

Tropenmuseum, Stijn Schoonderwoerd, Directeur

Anne Marie Woerlee

Head of Exhibitions

Tropenmuseum, Anne Marie Woerlee, Hoofd Tentoonstellingen

John Sijmonsbergen

Head of Strategy & Innovation

Tropenmuseum, John Sijmonsbergen, Hoofd strategie en innovatie

Marielle Pals

Head of Program department

Tropenmuseum, Marielle Pals, Hoofd Programma

Miep Huivenaar

Head of Operations

Tropenmuseum, Miep Huivenaar, Hoofd Bedrijfsvoering

Nienke Bloemers

Head of Marketing & Sales

Tropenmuseum, Nienke Bloemers, Hoofd Marketing en Sales

Wayne Modest

Head of Research Center of Material Culture

Tropenuseum, Wayne Modest, Hoofd Research Center of Material Culture

Rinske Jurgens

Head of Project department

Rinske Jurgens

Henrietta Lidchi

Head of Curator department

Henrietta Lidchi

Cindy Zalm

Head of Collection department

	Cindy Zalm