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Exhibition - Mecca - Tropenmuseum
Now on display

Longing for Mecca

'Longing for Mecca' offers a unique insight into one of the world’s most important, religious, spiritual and cultural phenomena.
Things that matter
Permanent exhibition

Things That Matter

About objects of great personal significance that, at the same time, are closely related to the major social issues of today, such as migration and origin.
Fterlives of slavery, exposition, photography by Kirsten van Santen
Permanent exhibition

Afterlives of Slavery

This exhibition focuses on the aftermath of slavery and the stories of the enslaved that influences Dutch society to date.
What a genderful world
Opens 11 October 2019

What a Genderful World

Dive into the world of gender and discover how it is expressed and experienced worldwide.
Great Hall - Tropenmuseum - Amsterdam
Permanent exhibition

A building full of stories

The Tropenmuseum is housed in one of the most beautiful purpose-built museums in the Netherlands.