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Tropen Junior

Discover the World behind the Things

Tropenmuseum Junior – hands-on exhbition 

An unknown world has been discovered in the Surinam depository on the -7th floor: the World behind the Things. In this world you sail on a boat and talk to the objects. They tell you all about themselves and where they come from. You arrive at the estate Ons Erf in an amazing way. You’ll be greeted with music by the Surinam team. From there you depart for Busi Kondre,for the shop, the dance studio and the party street. Everywhere you join in and try cooking, dancing, making music and engraving. Along the way you discover how Surinam is connected with the Netherlands and the world. Everything and everyone come together at the end for a party. 

Sabi Suriname

Practical information

  • Who for: Groups 3 - 8 | also suitable for special schools 
  • Duration: 105 minutes
  • Time frame: 9.30 am - 11.15 am | 12.15 pm – 2 pm | 2.30 pm – 4.15 pm
  • Theme: Surinam, world orientation, multi-coloured Netherlands, music, dance, world food
  • Suitable for IPC: 
    • IPC: The wide world
  • Price: € 150 per class (30 pupils) | € 275 for 2 combined classes from the same school  
    (60 pupils)


Sabi Suriname

Dutch | Les 1: Dit weet ik

Dutch | Les 2: Wie zijn wij?

Dutch | Les 3: Getekende geschiedenis

Dutch | Les 4: Wat kwam mee?

Dutch | Les 5: Dierbare dingen