Tropenmuseum education primary and secondary


Experience culture together!

The Tropenmuseum is a museum about culture, where you and your students can explore beautiful treasures and stories from all over the world. We offer an extensive range of learning activities for school groups and other students.
The Tropenmuseum offers interactive and fun tours for all age groups in primary, secondary and further education.

Tours are themed around:

Celebrate! Around the globe  (primary education)
•Highlights of the Tropenmuseum (primary and secondary education)
•Show us who you are (fashion and photography workshop, primary and secondary education)
•Colonial history and Afterlives of slavery  (secondary education)
•Culture in the mix (secondary education)
Temporary exhibitions 
•And many more topics…

If your class has specific requirements or special education needs, make sure to mention this to our booking office. We gladly think along and cater to your needs.
Make sure to make clear which tour language you prefer when booking. There are Dutch-, English-, French-, German-, Spanish- and Arab-speaking guides in our team.

For further advice and booking, contact our booking office:   
088-0042 840 (Monday to Friday: 10.00 - 14.00)